Sabtu, 03 November 2007

Intel D201GLY2- MiniBoard konsumsi power rendah.
Board Intel D201GLY2 dengan Celeron 220 dibuat menyatu menghasilkan sebuah sistem computer murah tetapi hemat power. Kemampuan Celeron 220 sudah cukup baik, bila dipakai sebagai computer kelas office. Instruksi dari kemampuan procesor sudah sekelas dengan procesor desktop, kecuali minimnya kinerja procesor yang dibuat rendah dengan 1.2Ghz.

Atasi Flasdisk anda yang sudah rusak..


Software is the programs that run on a computer. Explanation: Software is made up of instructions that tell the computer what to do. It is stored on disks in bits and bytes. ClarisWorks and Kid Pix are examples of software. "Please load the ClarisWorks software on the computer." Computer software is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform some task on a computer system. The term includes application software such as word processors which perform productive tasks for users, system software such as operating systems, which interface with hardware to provide the necessary services for application software, and middleware which controls and co-ordinates distributed systems.


Programs can be characterized as interactive or batch in terms of what drives them and how continuously they run. An interactive program receives data from an interactive user (or possibly from another program that simulates an interactive user). A batch program runs and does its work, and then stops. Batch programs can be started by interactive users who request their interactive program to run the batch program. A command interpreter or a Web browser is an example of an interactive program. A program that computes and prints out a company payroll is an example of a batch program. Print jobs are also batch programs. A Program may not be sufficiently complete for execution by a computer. In particular, it may require additional software from a software library in order to be complete. Such a library may include software components used by stand-alone programs, but which cannot work on their own.